Why Pest Control is Tough 

It’s not easy to get rid of pests and that’s a fact. It won’t matter when they’re common nuisances like ants, mice, or cockroaches or they’re as dangerous as termites, wasps, or bees. All types of pests could make a homeowner use a sizable amount of time and money to eliminate them. Plus there are frustrations that come with it, too. Here is where the experts in pest control Yuba City come into play.  

Pest Control is Tough

The reason why pest control is tough is because pests tend to develop immunity to certain types of pesticides. The fact that pests are living creatures with systems that can adapt doesn’t help. It means that new pesticides have to be developed in order to effectively eliminate the nuisances.

The New Approach to Pest Control 

The old way to eliminate pests is the strict use of pesticides. Now, there are other methods used, more particularly IPM or integrated pest management. IPM refers to strategies that won’t necessarily use chemicals or pesticides. It is more focused on using methods that are less toxic to pets, humans, and the environment.  

While there are still companies that are using the old ways to eliminate pests, more and more consumers are demanding a safer and a more environmentally friendly way of addressing pest issues. The use of chemicals leans toward eliminating pests while IPM is more about detouring pests away from your property.  

The Process of Eliminating Pests 

There are many strategies involved in pest elimination and such strategy includes the reduction of the water source, food, and shelter of pests. This is usually done by closing up the pests’ habitat so that they are forced to find someplace else to congregate. This is how non-toxic pest management is carried out. The use of non-toxic glue traps for mice and insects is also a good option.  

The non-toxic ways of eliminating pests can only be carried out right by specially trained pest exterminators. Unlike in the use of chemicals, the IPM strategy won’t work overnight. It is mostly a long-term approach to the problem, so don’t expect results to occur. Here are some of the known methods to non-toxic pest control: 

  1. Fixing leaks.

Moisture is one of the main reasons why pests thrive. So to make sure that no pest finds its way to your home, you have to fix all leaks and keep all drains unclogged. Without moisture, no pest can live or multiply. 

  1. Caulk crevices and cracks. 

Crevices and cracks should be sealed because these are the favorite habitats of pests. Any small opening is enough for them to build a colony. So you have to look around pipes and plumbing fixtures, even the cabinetry. 

  1. Vacuumfrequently.

Vacuuming is an act of cleaning and pests don’t like a clean environment. Many pests feed of dusts and other organisms. Vacuuming is a way of removing debris from your home, which pests are always looking for. Additionally, vacuuming helps in eliminating foreign bodies that could have gotten inside your home through your shoes.